Venkata Indurthi (Aldevron, USA)
Improvements in biologics purification strategies by using monoliths: DNA and RNA perspective

Andrew Knudten (Gene Therapy Consulting LLC, USA)
Building a scalable and sustainable commercial manufacturing platform for gene therapies

Thomas Linke (AstraZeneca, USA)
Developing an Anion Exchange Chromatography (AEX) Assay for Determining Empty and Full Capsid Contents in AAV6.2

James Hatfield (Atticus BioConsulting, USA)
Chromatin (DNA) removal from harvest before an AAV capture step greatly improves robustness, purity, and yield of the overall downstream process

Steve Stice (ArunaBio, USA)
Use of isolated neural exosomes in neurological injury and disease

Thomas Muster (BlueSky Vaccines, Austria)
Innate and adaptive immunity against cancer

Jordan Turnbull (Boehringer Ingelheim, Austria)
Purification and concentration of enveloped oncolytic viruses using monolith technology

Helena Pudilova (Gyroscope Therapeutics Limited, UK)
Scalable AAV downstream platform development approaches to support early clinical supply

Bernd Giebel (University Hospital Essen, Germany)
Mesenchymal stem/stromal cell-derived extracellular vesicle, a potential new tool in regenerative medicine

Prof. Vijayalakshmi and Dr. Jayaprakash (VIT University, India)
Study and characterization of Salmonella bacteriophages using monolith columns

Prof. Fernandez Lahore and Prof. Vijayalakshmi (VIT University, India and Jacobs University, Germany)
Ligand integrated nanoparticles introduced into the cryogel for more efficient purification of antibodies

Djuro Josic (University of Rijeka, Croatia and Brown University, USA)
Monolithic supports – recent developments and applications

Guenter Allmaier (TU Wien, Austria)
Human Rhinovirus: Purification by monolithic chromatography followed by sizing/molecular mass determination by nano electrospray differential mobility analysis

Angela Sousa (FC Saude – UBI, Portugal)
Successful purification and assessment of minicircle DNA by cadaverine-modified monolith

Robert Hodge (Avexis, USA)
Development of AAV Based Therapies – Prioritization of Effort

Kazuhiro Oka (Baylor College of Medicine, USA)
A Comprehensive HPLC-MALS Platform for AAV Characterization

Richard Truran (Biogen, UK)
Development of a chromatography-based AAV purification process capable of enriching for full particles

Guilherme Espirito Santo (Gyroscope Therapeutics Limited, UK)
Evaluation of production and purification platforms that deliver representative quality pDNA for process development needs

Lorena Zentilin (ICGEB – International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Italy)
AAV vectors for cardiac protection and regeneration

Simon Staubach (University Hospital Essen, Germany)
Monitoring the functionality and integrity of EVs during the purification process

Manuela Bartolini (University of Bologna, Italy)
Achieving higher throughput and automation in sample processing by CIMac based Immobilized Enzyme Reactors

Shuichi Yamamoto (Yamaguchi University – Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory, Japan)
Designing monolithic chromatography processes for process-scale separation of bio-nanoparticles

Ziad El Rassi (Oklahoma State University, USA)
Various Strategies for Post Polymerization Functionalization of Organic Polymer-Based Monoliths and their Applications

Hector Marcelo Fernandez Lahore (Jacobs University, Germany)
“Exprinted” Polymer Systems. Applications in bioproduct recovery and biocatalysis

Irena Trbojevic Akmacic (Genos, Croatia)
Chromatographic monoliths for high-throughput glycosylation analysis in biomarker discovery

Matjaz Peterka (Cobik, Slovenia)
Breaking the USP – DSP boundaries in plasmid DNA manufacturing: Optimization of upstream for increased downstream efficiency

Kali Kishore Reddy Tetala (VIT University, India)
Efficient porous monolith microfluidic chips for glycoprotein separation from human plasma