Monolith Summer Symposium (MSS) is a five-day scientific symposium dedicated to the use of monolith chromatography in the field of gene therapy. Our mission is to spread knowledge on the evolution and applications of monolith technology and create platforms where technology suppliers and technology acquirers can interact and establish partnerships. We provide an excellent international forum for researchers and scientists from both industry and academia to meet and share the latest advances and trends in the field of monolith chromatography. Our event is specifically designed for people working with gene therapy vectors, exosomes, vaccines, DNA and RNA, bacteriophages, large proteins, and other big biomolecules.

MSS2024 will be held in the Adriatic resort town of Portoroz, Slovenia. It will follow a new format that introduces wet-lab workshops which will be coordinated with oral presentations. We will ensure that lectures and workshops based on the same application will not overlap, giving everyone a chance to get the best of both worlds. Both tracks will be more application-oriented than the previous symposia, providing you with a balance of information and hands-on skills to support your work. You will be given practical guidance and tips that will help you develop more effective processes and save you weeks or months in a lab.

Take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to increase your technical knowledge base while expanding your business and scientific network through several unique social events at the same time. Attendance will be limited, making it the ideal setting for discussion and learning.


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