From May 31st to June 4th, participants from 25 different countries, came Portorož to discuss the latest progress and results regarding Monolith Technology at the 6th Monolith Summer School & Symposium.

Social events of MSS2014 in Portorož:

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1. Method development - methods developement and scale-up
2. Purification of pDNA using CIM monolithic columns
3. Plasma fractination - general approaches

The first and the third workshop were organized within the HTP-GlycoMet project.


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Lectures in Portorož:

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Poster and Young Research Corner awards:

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The 3 awarded posters were:
Andreas Fichtenbaum, Phosphopeptide enrichment on a monolithic column containing superficially immobilized nano TiO2
Jelena Ruščić, New application of monolithic supports: Separation of plant viruses
Vignesh-Narasimhan Janakiraman, Application of CIM monolithic disks in the recovery of recombinant coagulation factor VIII

From the Young researchers corner, Denis Kutnjak, Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia, received an award for his work: CIM monolithic chromatography coupled with NGS for de-novo reconstruction of viral genome sequences and analyses of viral populations.

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